Chigger Bites Treatment

Chigger Treatment for Pets 

and Humans too

Chigger Treatment for your pets is a must. You may want to clip their hair/fur back during the summer months for easy inspection and access for treating wounds and removing ticks.

You can use Vicks or Eucalyptus essential oil for chigger and tick bites on us humans and your pets. It helps to kill the itch and heals the sore. (Keep a little bottle or container just for using on your pet.) Ticks do not like Eucalyptus and are discouraged from attaching when applied to common trouble spots like under the pits, in the ears, under the belly and between the toes.  This treatment is a great relief for your pets. Remember, a little dab will do ya.

Keep a special pair of tweezers handy just for your pet.  You do not want to come in contact with those little ticks unless you have to and please wash your hands after working with any kind of tick.  Lime's disease is something you do not want to contract, believe me.

Treat you pet with the Vicks or Eucalyptus oil after you have finished working on them as indicated above.

Eucalyptus oil is also a good antiseptic as is Tea Tree essential oil.

Other natural treatment remedies might be a poultice of smashed fresh basil and comfrey leaves.

A small amount of tobacco soaked in water and applied to bite will give relief. Both of these even work on fire ant bits!

 Honey is a natural antibiotic.  Apply with a cloth bandage and an ice cube over the top of the bit to relieve pain and swelling and promote quick healing.
A fresh slice of onion works on wasp- and hornet bites. Just wrap the slice to the sting and keep it there.
For ticks and chiggers - keep your grass around your house mowed regularly and fairly short to include keeping  intruding foliage trimmed back a bit from where you walk.
By Justin Case

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